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This year, children in Ukraine have suffered more than most of us can imagine - and while we cannot undo the heartache they have endured, we can do our part to remind them that they are not alone. To do so, we are collecting Christmas wish lists from 150+ children in Ukraine who either lost their homes or parents, and we need generous volunteers like you to help turn those wish lists into a reality.

How to help: 


1. Select a letter from a child
2. Follow the Amazon link to purchase items from the child’s list


1. Please consider purchasing items in double or adding extra items since there will be kids who were displaced at the moment of collecting letters. We wouldn’t want to leave a child without a Christmas present! 
2. Please consider a monetary donation to purchase chocolate and fruits for the kids! 


In December, gifts will be delivered to kids in the Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, and Kyiv regions of Ukraine affected by the war. These kids lost their homes, family members, and childhood due to the russian invasion.

Please help us bring a little joy to children who had to grow up way too early and see terror daily. 

Nataliia Yakushko, aka Santa, will travel to Ukraine in the second week of December, so please ensure all gifts are purchased no later than December 1st.  

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